Kidsflush Toilet Button

Kidsflush Toilet Button


At toilet training stage, and even with older children, it is important to promote positive bathroom hygiene. For everyone else in the house, or visitors, it’s nice to not find unflushed toilets! The larger raised button on Kidsflush makes flushing much easier because children can use an open flat hand allowing for more pressure with less stress.Most importantly…. Kidsflush is fun and we all know it’s easier to get children to do something when it’s fun. The simple rewarding tune on each flush (that can be turned off) just gives them a reason to flush.

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Kidsflush is a raised toilet training button that is placed over the existing hard to press toilet flush button. Kidsflush makes toilet flushing much easier for children to press standard flat buttons and rewards the child during toilet training with a trumpet sound that plays when they flush. Kidsflush will help your child progress from nappies or a potty to the toilet by introducing a fun element as well as teaching them positive bathroom habits by flushing.

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