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What is Kidsflush

Kidsflush is very simply a raised button that is placed over the top of the existing toilet flush. It makes the button much easier for children to press and makes flushing fun with a sound that plays when activated.

Kidsflush encourages children to flush and is especially useful at toilet training stage when it is important to promote good bathroom habits for the future.

We are also working on a new version which will launch soon for the elderly or those with restricted hand movement. We know it’s not just children who have difficulty with modern recessed buttons.

Childrens toilet training button

Product highlights

  • By offering children a raised easy to press button it makes flushing much easier for little hands.
  • Kidsflush brings a bit of fun to toilet training and also for older children.
  • Kidsflush offers an easy to clean hygienic button that children enjoy using.
  • Easy to fit by simply lining up the button and pressing down for the suction cups to grip
  • Simple option to turn the flush activated sound on or off by rotating the button.


Features the key

Promote Positive Bathroom Hygiene

Promote Positive Bathroom Hygiene

At toilet training stage, and even with older children, it is important to promote positive bathroom hygiene. For everyone else in the house, or visitors, it's nice to not find unflushed toilets!

Easy to Press Raised Button

Easy to Press Raised Button

The larger raised button on Kidsflush makes flushing much easier because children can use an open flat hand allowing for more pressure with less stress.

Fun & Rewarding sound

Fun & Rewarding sound

Most importantly.... Kidsflush is fun and we all know it's easier to get children to do something when it's fun. The simple rewarding tune on each flush just gives them a reason to flush.

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