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Easy to Flush

At toilet training age, and beyond, it can be hard for little fingers to find the strength and agility to push button toilets, So they normal just don't! Now they can because Kidsflush reduces the resistance of standard flushing buttons by offering an easy to press raised button.

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Easy to Learn

Kidsflush™ helps parents by giving children a good experience to help them remember to flush. Now with Kidsflush they get rewarded with an easier to push coloured button and the Kidsflush happy trumpet sound to say well done.

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Easy to Fit

Kidsflush™ easily fits to toilets with standard top flush buttons. No tools needed and no permanent fixing. Simply line up the bottom of the Kidsflush button to your current toilet button and press down for suction cups to take hold.

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Easy to Order

Kidsflush™ the children's toilet flush button arrives in September but please email us to register your interest as stock is already getting booked. We will add you to the list to give you the option to buy online first. Kidsflush will retail for is €14 / £10

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Kidsflush - the easy to use toilet button

Helping children to flush the toilet with an easy flush button. No more reminding children to flush the toilet after themselves.

The fun starts when they press the button and the trumpet plays .......


Easy job for little hands

Flushing a modern push button toilet can be hard for little hands

We all know that sometimes it can be hard to get children to embrace the idea of the everyday tasks. At the same time how much easier is it to get a child involved in a fun activity. So here at ‘fun in doing it’ we have set out with a mission to make those boring tasks a little bit more fun. Because children are not being defiant not doing things they simply don’t see the reward and are in a rush to get back to something that is fun.

If Pavlov had a child instead of a dog he would of invented Kidsflush!

As featured on the Late Late Show


Kidsflush is easy to fit

Sticks to the top of a toilet in second with suction cups - no tools needed & no permanent fixings, just three suction cups.


KidsFlush easily fits to standard toilets with top flush buttons. No tools needed and no permanent fixing. Simply line up the bottom of the KidsFlush and press down.
Being held in place with suction cups means it can be quickly removed if needed. The trumpet sound on flushing can also be very simply turned off when not needed by rotating the button to the on or off position. The built in sound module which has been designed to be a safe self-contained internal unit will play over one thousand trumpets which should last a long time in the average household but we will have replacement sound modules available to order online if needed. 


Easy to order

 Kidsflush will be available to order online shortly
& in retail stores for €14