Toilet training flush button by Kidsflush


Kidsflush is very simply a raised button that is placed over the top of the existing toilet flush. It makes the button much easier for children to press and makes flushing fun with a sound that plays when activated.

Suitable for all top flush toilet button.
Blue button with Trumpet fanfare sound

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Kidsflush encourages children to flush and is especially useful at toilet training stage when it is important to promote good bathroom habits for the future.

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Product Description

Back in stock – 4 August 2019

Kidsflush is a raised toilet training button that is placed over the existing hard to press toilet flush button. Kidsflush makes toilet flushing much easier for children to press standard flat buttons and rewards the child during toilet training with a trumpet sound that plays when they flush. Kidsflush will help your child progress from nappies or a potty to the toilet by introducing a fun element as well as teaching them positive bathroom habits by flushing.

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Product Features

Kidsflush is held in place with 3 suction cups so no tools are needed and fitting is so simple a five year can do it - As tested!!
This also means that it is easy to remove for cleaning the unit or the toilet.

Kidsflush has a built in battery that has a life of over 4,000 flushes so this should last a long time. The built in battery means it is totally safe for children and CE Certified.

The sound on the Kidsflush can be turned on or off by simply rotating the button into the required position. This gives the advantage of the easy to press button but without the sound playing on each flush.