The Kidsflush story

As a father of three young children Jamie discovered that his children didn’t always flush the toilet and has lifted the lid on his fair share of surprises.

So Jamie decided he was going to look into it further and discovered that modern recessed top flush buttons can be hard for children to press, also sometimes the elderly or those with restricted hand movement.

Also as the standard buttons are flat children can’t always see them so there isn’t that reminder like the handles. But most importantly he discovered it just wasn’t fun.

Jamie started working with a product design company and Kidsflush was born.

We are now working on a range of products that promote bathroom hygiene including a fun option for handle toilets as well as an adult version and also ideas around hand washing.

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Kidsflush Our Story

Just a simple product

Kidsflush isn’t going to change the world! but we know children love it and parents benefit

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