Dragons Den - Kidsflush

Kidsflush goes into Dragons Den

Walking onto the set of the BBC Dragons Den is not something that you do everyday but certainly something very satisfying in saying you’ve done it. Even better to be able to say you walked back out with a deal done.


I’ve done many pitches and had to sell myself many times but lets face it Dragons Den is somewhere between a business pitch and a reality TV show. So anything can happen.

The difference with this pitch is you have been in studio all day doing interviews and scenes before you face the Dragons for a pitch that lasts well over an hour. That is a lot of content to be edited at the directors discretion for the ten minutes of TV.

I knew I was going in with a great product in Kidsflush but with little reaction from the dragons during my pitch at times I did feel ‘Why did I agree to do this!’. Then we got into questions and the mood lightened.

The Dragons were easy to talk to and in general gave positive feedback. Maybe toilet training is a little low tech for some dragons and Kidsflush might not fit into their portfolio. I certainly got away without the grilling for TV that you see many others go through.

And as for the outcome …. I got to shake hands and say ‘I’ll take that deal’. Walking out not only with an offer from a great retail Dragon, Touker Suleyman, but also with the satisfaction of being able to say I’ve done it and Kidsflush is going to be big.